Philosophy of Ministry

The first and most essential priority that we hold here at WCHBC is that we will be Christ-Centered in everything we do. The Bible says in Colossians 1:18: “In everything He might have the supremacy.” When you attend one of our service you will immediately be impressed with the fact that Jesus Christ has center stage in all that we do. We come together to worship the Triune God of Scripture and to give Him honor and glory. When we engage in any of our ministries we do it with the intentional mind-set that it is all about Jesus. We don’t just play lip service to that truth, but we really put it into practice. We are absolutely committed to make much of Jesus our great and loving Savior in everything. That means we are not into man-centered gimmicks, but we are into Christ! We exalt Him! We preach Him! We live in Him! That is our first and most important priority.
Our second priority at WCHBC is that we are going to be a church that holds the Bible up as the final authority for all matters of faith and practice. We hold to what the Reformers called “Sola Scriptura.” That is to say that the Bible alone is the final Word! The Bible alone determines doctrine! The Bible alone determines how we operate in the church! The Bible alone directs us in what we engage in and what we don’t! It has the final say in what ministries we focus on and how we conduct them! It regulates how we spend our money! It shapes our outreaches here in the church! When you come to WCHBC you will see a difference in how we handle the Bible. We really believe it, we really teach it and we really live by it! We are NOT going to be a run of the mill church; we are going to be everything Christ wants us to be as directed by the infallible Word of God!
Another priority at WCHBC is that we are determined to be Gospel-Saturated. In other words, we are intentionally evangelistic as a church body. We put a major emphasis on sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others. The church’s mission is to lead people to salvation in Jesus Christ as Mark 16:15 tells us: “Preach the gospel to every creature.” That means we must tell people how to get saved, how they can go to heaven and how they can know Jesus and have an eternal relationship with Him. WCHBC is a church that cares about people souls. We know that the message of the Gospel is what brings freedom to those who are struggling and in bondage to sin. We enthusiastically teach our congregation the Gospel so they can, in love, communicate it to a lost and dying world. Because what Jesus did for us on the cross and in His Resurrection changes everything!
In Matthew 28:19-20, Jesus said: “Go therefore and make disciples.” This is a directive to the church, therefore we at WCHBC desire to foster discipleship in your life! We don’t want to be a blast of short excitement for you that quickly leaves a bad taste in your mouth. We are going to be a church that not only talks about doing this, but we are going to do it! Making disciples is helping believers grow in Christ-likeness and helping them experience the blessed life; a life of purpose, peace and happiness. Being Discipleship-Orientated means that we are want to help you be everything God wants you to be. Disciples are to reproduce themselves and WCHBC is passionate about creating the environment for this to be accomplished. We want to be intentional about cultivating deep, honest relationships in which we help you grow in your faith.