Discipleship means teaching people to obey all that Jesus commanded with the goal of equipping other disciples to obey all that He commanded. Our dream is that by the year 2021 our entire church body would become aligned with living out the Great Commission. This will in turn make Sunday worship a priority for our members. We envision a church that is excited about coming together to worship the Triune God of Scripture and grow in their walk with Him. We desire to see a spiritually mature community of men, women, students, children, and families who are passionately committed to a life of Biblical understanding, obedience and prayer. We picture a body of believers desperate to reach the lost in all corners of our community and the world to bring them into a transforming relationship with Jesus Christ. We want to redefine what it means to “belong” to WCHBC by moving our members closer to Jesus—from passive, sporadic attendees to passionate, committed followers of Christ. We will be a church that is made up of disciples making disciples around our slogan “Connect, Grow, Serve, Go.”
WCHBC is blessed that there are many active disciples within our ranks. However, we acknowledge that there are many members and attendees who are not actively engaged in a discipleship relationship. Therefore, we are committed to changing this and becoming a church that fulfills Jesus’ instruction to make disciples. This means there is an understood expectation among members and attendees that WCHBC is about making disciples. We believe that growing believers change to be more like Christ. It is not possible to follow Jesus for any length of time and not change in thought, motive, attitude, word and deed.

If you are interested in being discipled or the Discipleship Ministry, please submit the form below and we will be in contact with you.