Below is a list of evangelical reference books and software that will aid a believer in their desire to understand the Word of God. These resources are geared toward the average believer not the seminary scholar, so they are useful for anyone who wants to be informed on issues related to Christianity. While we do not endorse everything that is written in every book, we feel these are excellent resources to help you “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory both now and forever. Amen.” (2 Peter 3:18)

Apologetics (Defending the Faith)

A Ready Defense. Greg Bahnsen.
Apologetics to the Glory of God. John M. Frame.
Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics. Norman Geisler.
The Battle Belongs to the Lord. K. Scott Oliphint.
The Certainty of Faith. Richard B. Ramsay.
Expository Apologetics. Voodie Bauchman Jr.
Faith’s Reasons for Believing. Robert L. Reymond.
The New Evidence That Demands a Verdict. Josh McDowell.
Things That Cannot Be Shaken. K. Scott Oliphint and Rod Mays.
Scaling the Secular City. J. P. Moreland.
The Testimony of the Evangelists. Simon Greenleaf.

Bible Atlases

Baker’s Bible Atlas. Charles Pfeiffer.
Deluxe Then and Now Bible Maps. Rose Publishing.
Holman Bible Atlas. Donald Wiseman.

Bible Dictionaries

Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary.
Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Dictionary.
Wycliffe Bible Dictionary.

Bible Handbooks

Holman Bible Handbook.
Unger’s Bible Handbook. Merrill Unger.
Willmington’s Handbook to the Bible. Harold Wilmington.

Bible Interpretation

Basic Bible Interpretation. Roy Zuck.
Cracking Old Testament Codes. D. Brent Sandy & Ronald L. Giese, Jr.
Hermeneutics: Principles and Processes of Biblical Interpretation. Henry Virkler.
How to Study the Bible. Richard Mayhue.
Interpreting the New Testament. Darrel Bock & Buist M. Fanning.
The Most Misused Verses in the Bible. Eric J. Bargerhuff.
Putting the Truth to Work: The Theory and Practice of Biblical Application. Daniel Doriani.

Bible, Origins of

Canon Revisited. Michael J. Kruger.
How We Got Our Bible. Timothy Paul Jones.
The Old Testament Canon of the New Testament Church. Roger T. Beckwith.
The Origin of the Bible. Philip W. Comfort.

Bible Reference

AMG’s Encyclopedia of Bible Facts. Mark Water.
Bible Archaeology. Alfred Hoerth and John McRay.
The Complete Book of Who’s Who in the Bible. Walter A. Elwell and Phillip Comfort.
The Illustrated Guide to Biblical History. Kendell H. Easley.

Bible Translations

The Complete Guide to Bible Translations. Ron Rhodes.
Differences Between Bible Versions. Gary F. Zeolla.
The Gender-Neutral Bible Controversy. Vern Poythress and Wayne Grudem
How to Choose a Bible Version. Robert L. Thomas.
The Journey From Texts to Translations. Paul Wegner.
The King James Only Controversy. James White.

Biblical Counseling

How to Counsel from Scripture. Martin and Deidre Bobgan.
Introduction to Biblical Counseling. John MacArthur and Wayne Mack, etc.

Christian Living (Discipleship)

A Fight to the Death. Wayne Mack.
A Serious Call to a Holy and Devout Life. William Law.
Abide in Christ. Andrew Murray.
All of Grace. Charles Spurgeon.
Am I Really a Christian. Mike McKinley.
Business For the Glory of God. Wayne Grudem.
The Cost. Steven Lawson.
Decision Making God’s Way. Gary Meadors.
Desiring God. John Piper.
Disciples are Made Not Born. Walter Hendrichsen.
Disciplines of a Godly Man. R. Kent Hughes.
Expository Listening. Ken Ramey.
Heaven Awaits. D. L. Moody.
Holiness By Grace. Bryan Chapell.
How Long, O Lord. D. A. Carson.
In Christ Alone. Sinclair B. Ferguson.
The Knowledge of the Holy. A. W. Tozer.
Law and Liberty: A Biblical Look at Legalism. Don Kistler.
Love Walked Amoung Us. Paul E. Miller.
The Master’s Plan for Discipleship. Robert Coleman.
My Heart, My Life, My All. William MacDonald.
Out of the Blues. Wayne Mack.
Overcoming the World. Joel Beeke.
Pleasing People. Lou Priolo.
Pillars of Christian Character. John MacArthur.
Practicing the Proverbs. Richard Mayhue.
Respectable Sins. Jerry Bridges.
Run to Win the Prize. Thomas Schreiner.
Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life. Donald Whitney.
Trusting God. Jerry Bridges.
Uprooting Anger. Robert Jones.
You Can Change. Tim Chester.
Who Are You to Judge? Dave Swavely.

Church History

Exploring Church History. Howard Vos.
The Gospel Focus of Charles Spurgeon. Steve Lawson.
Rescuing the Gospel. Erwin Lutzer.
Why the Reformation Still Matters. Michael Reeves and Tim Chester.

Church Life

40 Questions for Elders and Deacons. Benjamin L. Merkle.
9 Marks of a Health Church. Mark Dever.
Biblical Eldership. Alexander Strauch.
Church Elders. Jeramie Rinne.
From Embers to a Flame: How God Can Revitalize Your Church. Harry Reeder.
He is Not Silent: Preaching in a Post Modern World. Al Mohler.
Life in the Father’s House. Wayne Mack and Dave Swavely.
Liberating Ministry From the Success Syndrome. Kent and Barbara Hughes.
Pastoral Leadership. Jay Adams.
Spurgeon on Leadership. Larry Michael.
The Antioch Effect: 8 Characteristics of Highly Effective Churches. Ken Hemphill.
The Master’s Plan for the Church. John MacArthur.
The New Testament Deacon. Alexander Strauch.
The Titus Mandate. Ted Bigelow.


Single Volumes
Believer’s Bible Commentary. William MacDonald.
Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Commentary. Earl Radmacher, Ronald B. Allen, and H. Wayne House.
Individual Books
Baker Exegetical Commentaries on the New Testament (BECNT).
Kregel Exegetical Library.
New American Commentary Series (NAC).
New International Commentary on the New Testament (NICNT).
New International Commentary on the Old Testament (NICOT).
Pillar New Testament Commentary Series (PNTC).
Zondervan Exegetical Commentaries on the New Testament (ZECNT).


HCSB Comprehensive Concordance of the Holy Bible.
The Crossway Comprehensive Concordance of the Holy Bible, English Standard Version. The NKJV Concordance.
The Strongest NASB Exhaustive Concordance.
The Strongest NIV Exhaustive Concordance (1984 Edition).
The Strongest Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible (King James Version).

Contemporary Issues

Ashamed of the Gospel. John MacArthur.
By Faith Alone. Editors: Gary L. W. Johnson and Guy P. Waters
Church Awakening. Charles Swindoll.
Conversant with Emergent. D. A. Carson.
Culture Shift. Al Mohler.
The DaVinci Deception. Erwin Lutzer.
Dethroning Jesus. Darrel Bock and Daniel Wallace.
The Discipline of Discernment. Tim Challies.
Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels. Robert Carter.
The Healing Promise: Is It Always God’s Will to Heal? Richard Mayhue.
The Juvenilization of American Christianity. Thomas Bergler.
No Place for Truth. David Wells.
Refuting Evolution. Jonathan Sarfati.
Searching for Adam. Terry Mortenson.
Seven Men Who Rule the World From the Grave. Dave Breese.
This Little Church Stayed Home. Gary E. Gilley.
This Little Church Went to the Market. Gary E. Gilley.
The Six Days of Creation. Paul F. Taylor.
The Seduction of Christianity. Dave Hunt and T.A. McMahon.
Understanding Spiritual Gifts. Robert L. Thomas.
Who Runs the Church? Paul E. Engle and Steven B. Cowan.
Why Were Not Emergent. Kevin DeYoung and Ted Kluck.
Women’s Ministry in the Local Church. J. Ligon Duncan and Susan Hunt.

Cults and False Religions

A Different Gospel. D.R. McConnell.
Christianity In Crisis. Hank Hanegraaff.
Cults and the Occult. Edmond C. Gruss.
Encyclopedia of New Age Beliefs. John Ankerberg and John Weldon.
Fast Facts on False Teachings. Ron Carlson and Ed Decker.
Islam and the Bible. David Goldmann.
Jesus Among Other Gods. Ravi Zacharias.
Jesus in an Age of Controversy. Douglas Groothuis.
Kingdom of the Cults. Walter Martin.
Mormonism 101. Bill McKeever.
Occult Invasion. Dave Hunt
Reasoning from the Scriptures with the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Ron Rhodes.
The Compact Guide to World Religions. Dean C. Halverson.
Wandering Stars. Keith Gibson.
World Religions and Cults, Vol. 1-3. Bodie Hodge and Roger Patterson.


Daily in His Presence. Andrew Murray.
Faith’s Checkbook. Charles Spurgeon.
Living Hope for the End of Days. John Barnett.
Morning and Evening Devotions. Charles Spurgeon.
Mornings with Tozer. A.W. Tozer.
My Utmost for His Highest. Oswald Chambers.
The Mother Who Seeks After God. Laura Martin.
The Valley of Vision. Arthur Bennett.

End Times

The Bible and Future Events. Leon Wood.
The Case for Zionism: Why Christians Should Support Israel. Thomas Ice.
Charts on Bible Prophecy. H. Wayne House and Randall Price.
The End. Mark Hitchcock.
The End Times in Chronological Order. Ron Rhodes.
Future Israel. Barry Horner.
Israel: The Land and People. H. Wayne House.
Maranatha Our Lord, Come! Renald Showers.

Evangelism (Witnessing)

The Blue Book on Evangelism. Ray Comfort.
Evangelism Explosion. D. James Kennedy.
Go and Make Disciples! Roger S. Greenway.
Questioning Evangelism. Randy Newman.
Tactics. Gregory Koukl.
Tell the Truth. Will Metzger.
Today’s Evangelism. Ernest Reisinger.

Greek and Hebrew

Basics of Biblical Greek. William Mounce.
Basics of Biblical Hebrew. Gary D. Pratico and Miles V. Van Pelt.
Biblical Hebrew. Page H. Kelley.
Complete Vocabulary Guide to the Greek New Testament. Warren C. Trenchard.
Greek for the Rest of Us. William Mounce.
How Biblical Languages Work. Peter James Silzer and Thomas John Finley.
Students Vocabulary of Biblical Hebrew. Larry A. Mitchel.

Jesus, Life of

AMG’s Encyclopedia of Jesus Life and Time. Mark Water.
Jesus: The Greatest Life of All. Charles Swindoll.
The Earthly Career of Jesus the Christ. Robert Culver.
The NIV/NASB Harmony of the Gospels. Robert L. Thomas and Stanley N. Gundry.

Jesus, Teachings of

All the Teachings of Jesus. Herbert Lockyer.
Studies in the Sermon on the Mount. D. Martyn Lloyd Jones.
The Sermon on the Mount. Daniel M. Doriani.
What Did Jesus Mean? Ron Rhodes.

New Testament

An Introduction to the New Testament. D. A. Carson and Douglas Moo.
Encountering the New Testament. Walter A. Elwell and Robert W. Yarbrough.
Survey of the New Testament. Paul N. Benware.

Old Testament

Nelson’s Old Testament Survey. Charles Dyer and Eugene Merrill.
Encountering the Old Testament. Bill Arnold and Bryan Beyer.
Survey of the Old Testament. Paul N. Benware.


A Call to Spiritual Reformation. D. A. Carson.
Empowered to Pray. Woodrow Kroll.
Living a Prayerful Life. Andrew Murray.
Prayer the Great Adventure. David Jeremiah.
Sacred Dissertations on the Lord’s Prayer. Herman Witsius.
Spurgeon’s Prayers. Charles Spurgeon.
When You Pray. Philip Graham Ryken.


Bible Works.
PC Bible Study.

Study Bibles

The ESV Study Bible.
The HCSB Study Bible.
The NASB Study Bible.
The NKJV Study Bible.
The MacArthur Study Bible.

Textual Cricitism

New Testament Textual Criticism. David Alan Black.
Old Testament Textual Criticism. Ellis R. Brotzman.
Rethinking New Testament Textual Criticism. David Alan Black.
The Text of the New Testament. J. Harold Greenlee.
The Text of the New Testament. Kurt and Barbara Aland.
Textual Criticism of the Bible. Paul D. Wegner.

Theology, Systematic and Biblical

Bible Doctrine. Wayne Grudem.
Christian Theology. Millard J. Ericson.
Systematic Theology. Robert Culver.
The Moody Handbook of Theology. Paul Enns.

Theological Studies

The Battle for God. Norman Geisler and H. Wayne House.
Biblical Demonology. Merrill Unger.
Delighting in the Trinity. Michael Reeves.
Christ Alone. Stephen Wellum.
God’s Glory Alone. David VanDrunen.
God’s Greater Glory. Bruce Ware.
God’s Word Alone. Matthew Barrett.
Grace Alone. Carl Trueman.
Faith Alone. Thomas Schreiner.
Father, Son, & Holy Spirit. Bruce A. Ware.
The Fear of God: A Forgotten Doctrine. Aronld Frank.
The Great Exchange. Jerry Bridges and Bob Bevington.
Jesus Christ Our Lord. John F. Walvoord.
Knowing God. J. I. Packer.
Perspectives on the Doctrine of God. Bruce Ware.
The View From Mount Calvary. John Phillips.
The Virgin Birth. Robert Gromacki.
The Wonders of God. William MacDonald.

Word Studies

Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words.
The Complete Word Study Dictionary: Old Testament. Warren Backer and Eugene Carpenter.
The Complete Word Study Dictionary: New Testament. Spiros Zodhiates
Practical Word Studies of the New Testament. 2 Vols. Leadership Ministries Worldwide.