Are You Looking for a Healthy Church?

Whether you are a seasoned believer, a new believer, or someone just curious, we hope that you will visit us and be our guest on a Sunday morning. We trust that you will find a place where the Triune God of Scripture is worshiped and His Word proclaimed. In turn, we know that you will be blessed and encouraged to trust in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and go out and live your life as a dedicated follower of Him.


We Teach From the Bible

One of the main priorities we hold to is that we preach right from the Bible (2 Timothy 4:2). While almost every church makes reference to the Bible, we believe the Bible is the ultimate authority for knowing God and understanding His will for our lives. We believe the best way we can understand what God requires of us is through an expository method of preaching. That is to say that our Pastor teaches verse-by-verse through books of the Bible. He tells you what the Bible means, how it is related to the context in which it was written, and how it applies to your life. 


We Hold to Sound Doctrine

We are also a church that holds to sound doctrine. There is a growing trend in many churches to devalue doctrine and make the teachings of Scripture irrelevant or unimportant. However, sound doctrine is absolutely critical to the health of a church because it reveals to us the foundation of Christianity. The Apostle Paul charged Titus to “teach what is in accord with sound doctrine” (Titus 2:1). In fact, over thirty times the importance of doctrine is stressed in the Bible. The word “doctrine” simply means the “teachings” of the Bible. We are not talking about complicated philosophical concepts that professors argue over in ivory towers; rather we are talking about simple concepts like: Who is God? What is He like? How we can be related to Him? What has Jesus accomplished for us on the cross? How can we live pleasing lives before God? What does our future hold? These are essential teachings to know and understand as a Christian. If your goal is to hear an inspirational message that makes you feel good and gets you through until next Sunday, any church will do. However, if you want to understand the amazing plan of God for your life, grow stronger in your walk with Christ and experience the awesome power of God’s Word, come to West Colonial Hills and be immensely blessed.


We Have a Biblical Ministry Model

Many churches today are concerned with “success” as the world views it. Other churches are personality driven where the whole ministry stands or falls on the pastor. At West Colonial Hills, we are intentionally biblical in our philosophy of ministry. What that means is that our church will operate according to clear biblical principles in how we function and what we emphasize. We do not want to be faddish, entertainment-driven or man-centered, but in-contrast we want to be Christ-Centered, Bible-Driven, Gospel-Saturated and Discipleship-Orientated. We are determined to be a church that is reverential and creative, without ever compromising the truth of Scripture.


We are Friendly and Welcoming

We strive to be a church that is loving and friendly to newcomers. When you visit you will feel like the people in our church genuinely care about you and want God’s best for you. Sometimes you can get the sense that a church is there for those who are already members. Rather than being welcomed, you can feel that the church would prefer that “outsiders” would stay on the outside. West Colonial Hills, however, will seek to provide a warm and welcoming environment for everyone. Ask to meet with a Pastor and find out when the “Connections” classes are offered so you can learn more about our church.


We Offer Lots of Opportunities to Learn Outside of Sunday Morning

Sunday morning worship is prime time to come together to worship God and learn the Word of God, but the opportunities to learn should not end there. We realize that one sermon a week is not enough spiritual food to sustain a good diet. Therefore when you come to West Colonial Hills you will see other avenues for you to grow in the faith and in your love for Christ. We offer Life Groups on Sunday morning, mid-week Bible studies, Men’s and Women’s ministries, Youth and Children’s ministries and other “discipleship” and “service” type ministries for you and your family. These ministries are designed to help you in your desire to be a dedicated follower of Jesus Christ. We are a church that is serious about your spiritual growth and wants you to connect with other people on a spiritual level.


We Encourage Service and Sacrifice

We live in a world that is increasingly “consumer driven.” As a result, many churches never challenge people to serve or sacrifice for fear of being offensive and driving them away. West Colonial Hills however, will encourage you to serve in a way that is motivated by God’s grace and love. We encourage you to develop relationships with others and will provide ways for you to use your spiritual gifts. Serving can help you to identify your gifts and build up the body of Christ as the Bible encourages us to do (1 Corinthians 12:7). Without the ingredients of service and sacrifice it is easy for a church to be self-serving rather than really focusing on serving others as Jesus said we should do (Mark 9:35).


We Challenge You to Live the Christian Life

Some churches are satisfied if people come to a service once a week and throw a few bucks in the plate. At West Colonial Hills, however, we are a church that emphasizes what it means to live the Christian life seven days a week, 365 days a year. One of the key core values that you will see stressed here is discipleship. We advocate following Jesus in every aspect of our lives — at home, at work, at school, on vacation or wherever we are.