On Sunday mornings we worship Almighty God at 10:30 AM. We intend our worship to be celebrative, spirit-filled and reverent. Here at West Colonial Hills we have a contemporary style of worship with a mix of hymns, praise songs and original songs that glorify the greatness of our King! Lyrics are very important, so we chose worship songs that reinforce healthy doctrine which is the foundation of Christianity.
True worship is the practice of ascribing praise and honor to the Triune God of Scripture for who He is and what He has done. In each service there are four ways in which we worship. First, we worship God through song. With God-centered music, you will be inspired to love and respond to Christ. Second, we worship God through prayer. When we corporately pray we know God is listening and responding according to His sovereign will. Third, we worship God through giving.
We gratefully give back to God of the resources He first gave to us. Fourth, we worship God through Bible-preaching. The preaching of God’s Word is the central focus of every service. The sermons here are firmly rooted in God’s Word and are intended to help you grow closer to God.
Come worship King Jesus with us! When you attend our worship service we are sure that you will walk away blessed!